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Annual wellness evaluations are extremely important to the maintenance of a happy, healthy pet. Your pet ages at a rate six to seven times faster than we do as humans, so an annual or semiannual exam is equivalent to you visiting your primary care physician every three to seven years. In the case of our geriatric patients, over the age of 8, a twice yearly visit becomes more appropriate and important. Also in the care of specific conditions or with long term medications it is very important to monitor the effects of drugs even more frequently.

Therefore, don't assume that because your pets seem okay at home that they always are. Remember, your pet can not complain of the little things like you do. Our veterinarians are trained to ask the right questions and evaluate your pet's organ function to help discern impending problems before they become life-threatening. However, this is a team effort, and we also rely on your close observations at home. So pay attention to the following:

Water consumption
Elimination behaviors
Sleeping at night
Activity levels
Exercise tolerance
Behavior changes
Skin and hair coat condition
Breathing habits
Lumps and bumps on body surfaces
Weight gain or loss
Breath and body odors

...Just to name a few.


The veterinarians at Pocoshock Animal Hospital offer a wide variety of general surgical procedures. In addition to many elective procedures such as spays and neuters, we also offer a variety of oral and soft tissue procedures. Dr. Larsen has spent a significant amount of their continuing education time developing and expanding their surgical skills and will perform those procedures that they have the skills to perform. However, when we feel that a given procedure requires a referral to a specialist we will assist you in making that referral request.


Pocoshock Animal Hospital is pleased to be one of the first in the Richmond metropolitan area to offer Laser technology to its patients. It has been a very rewarding alternative which has been met with much added satisfaction in the treatment of various surgical cases.

Why use laser?

Less pain - the laser seals nerve endings as it "cuts", so your pet may require less anesthesia during the operation, reducing the risk of complications. Postoperative pain is also reduced. Less bleeding - small blood vessels (capillaries) are sealed during laser surgery. Less swelling - laser does not crush, tear, or bruise tissue because there is no physical contact with tissues.

What does it mean to your pet?

Reduced risk of infection: The laser seals lymphatics, thereby reducing the risk or spread of infection. The laser sterilizes while it removes diseased tissues, killing bacteria that cause infection.

Precision: The laser allows us to remove unhealthy tissue without affecting or removing surrounding healthy tissue.

Quick return to normal activities: Healing is rapid and there is less postoperative discomfort.


In-house lab: Pocoshock Animal Hospital maintains an in-house laboratory capable of giving you same day results on:

Complete blood counts
Blood chemistry profiles
Heartworm tests for dogs and cats
Fecal analysis for intestinal parasites
Electrocardiogram through Cardiopet
Impression cytology
Feline immunodeficiency virus testing
Feline leukemia virus testing
Parvo virus testing

Outside Lab: We also utilize outside commercial labs for anything that we don't perform in-house such as:

Bacterial culture and sensitivity
Histopathology & Cytology
More Comprehensive blood & urine analysis
Allergy testing
Thyroid and Cortisol tests
Other assays not available to us in-house


Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with drugs that are approved for animal use. We carry the best quality and most efficacious animal drugs available for your pet. Most of our products are by prescription only and are only available through the veterinary market. Our state laws require that there is a valid client-patient-doctor relationship established prior to dispensing any legend drug. What that means in general terms is that the veterinarian caring for your pet has seen and examined your pet in the past twelve months and feels comfortable prescribing a given medication to his/her patient. We also carry a number of excellent over-the-counter products for your convenience. These products do not necessarily require a physical exam to dispense. They include certain nutritional supplements, shampoos, nutraceuticals, and flea preventatives. Just about anything else can be obtained from our Home Delivery Pharmacy, VetsFirstChoice, for your convenience. See other page about our Home Delivery Pharmacy.


Does your pet have bad breath? We can help! Pets need dental care too! Oral hygiene is extremely important to the overall health of your pet and care needs to be provided to keep the mouth healthy. Oral hygiene starts at home with regular brushing, proper chew toys, and special treats for keeping gums and teeth healthy. However, significant tartar and plaque build up on teeth after the first couple of years and can cause significant disease by three to four years of age if proper care is not maintained. We offer a wide range of dental therapeutics at Pocoshock Animal Hospital and have the capability to provide your pet with dental services such as periodontal therapy, oral surgery, routine cleaning and root planing, polishing, fluoride treatment, and some endodontics.

Research has demonstrated that severe tartar, gingivitis, and periodontal disease can predispose your pet to kidney disease, liver dysfunction, and heart disease, all of which can lead to life-compromising conditions. Therefore, just like you need to care for your own teeth and gums, you also need to care for your pet's teeth and gums.


Most every veterinary hospital has the capability to take x-rays of your pet. It is a diagnostic tool that is required to have a full-service veterinary facility in Virginia. X-ray technology is a very useful tool in the diagnosis of many disease conditions, from broken bones to cancer. At veterinary colleges and in referral centers there is usually a Board Certified Radiologist on staff (much like in human hospitals) who read/evaluate the x-rays taken of the patient. Most general veterinary practitioners are very skilled at reading radiographs but there are times we need to get second opinions from a specialist.


The Pocoshock Home Delivery Pharmacy by VetCentric is an extension of our in-house pharmacy and has the same requirements and restrictions as our In-House Pharmacy described above.

We offer this trusted service for your convenience and for our patients' health and safety. Not only does VetCentric have access to our patients medical history, but they stock thousands of products, from special diets, flea & tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, antibiotics, and pain relievers to compounded drugs with special flavoring.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all online pharmacies are created equal. Many of these other pharmacies get their products through unethical means, including overseas, where FDA regulations are not followed. You may not be getting the product you think you are getting. VetCentric, our home delivery pharmacy, buys their stock directly from the manfacturers, just as we do for our in-house supplies. This ensures the safety, efficacy and quality of the products you buy for your pets. Most manufacturers do not stand behind the products when they are purchased through other online venues. Next time you think you may be saving a few dollars, please consider the true cost of your pet's health and make an informed decision.

We also offer Vetri-Science products delivered directly to your home. Just click on the Vetri-Science link located on the left side of every page. It will take you directly to the site so you can place your order.

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